BELS Bags are provided to parents that are learning of their child's delay, diagnosis or special health concern. The bags include information about services, specialists and support groups in their community. We include a Care Log for families to record what happened during appointments and recommendations for between-visit care and a calendar for families to record upcoming appointments.  Each BELS Bag also includes a special reminder of the power you have to support your child. Specific bags for children with limited communication, who may wander, will include shoe tags provided by If I Need Help.

*Please note we are on back order for BELS Bags

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Please fill out the form below to request a BELS Bag for your organization or for your family. Since each Bag is put together with love and your child in mind, be sure to enter your child's delay, diagnosis or health concern in the Subject line. Please enter you address in the Message area and a BELS Bag will be on its way!

Please not we are on backorder for BELS Bags.

What is a BELS Bag?